West Sumatra’s traditional clothes

West Sumatra traditional clothes

West Sumatra’s traditional clothes

West Sumatra’s traditional clothing is very diverse. When you hear the word West Sumatra, it reminds you of Rendang Panda rice. Typical food from West Sumatra has succeeded in hypnotizing many people. Not only the food is delicious and delicious. In West Sumatra, there are also traditional clothes that are very unique and beautiful.

Apart from traditional clothes, there are also several cultures that you can find such as traditional houses, dances, and regional songs. Each traditional dress in West Sumatra has a different meaning. You can see the difference in the type of traditional clothing. Of course, you are not curious about the types of West Sumatran traditional clothing. Here are some lists of traditional clothing names, namely: Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Bridal dress

Wedding clothes are the name of one of the traditional clothes. The color of the clothes used is red with accessories that cover the bride’s head. There are two types of culture in the elements of wedding dress. No wonder the wedding dress looks beautiful and luxurious.

Bundo kanduang or nan gadang house overflow

Is a traditional women’s clothing that has a fairly broad meaning. In each name means that women have an important role in every household life. The people of West Sumatra highly respect women.

there are many cultural elements//many kinds


Traditional clothing wearing a dress filled with lots of gold sprinkling. There are four types of Batabue clothes that have different patterns. The Batabue clothing model is in the form of a bracketed shirt filled with various beautiful colored stones. In addition to models such as brackets, there are also loose long sleeves that give the impression of showing body curves. Don’t be surprised if you see Batabue clothes because Batabue clothes still have the same Malay elements as Aceh.

You can find a Lambak or sarong in one part of the Batabue shirt. Lambak is often used as a bottom. The material used is Songket cloth which is decorated with Minsie. The use of Lambak also varies. Each region has a different form and method of use.