Vietnamese women’s traditional clothes

Vietnamese women's traditional clothes

Vietnamese women’s traditional clothes

Taking a walk in a country where people will definitely not forget to see interesting cultures and tourist attractions. Every place and country has traditional clothes that are characteristic of each country. Surely some of you are curious, right? There are many types of traditional clothes that you can choose from, especially for women. Vietnamese women’s traditional clothes are very beautiful and elegant.

All women in Vietnam wear traditional clothes which are very beautiful. Each cloth has a variety of colors and motifs. The material used is very smooth and soft. Vietnamese summer clothes are one of Vietnam’s traditional clothes. Clothing that protects and gives comfort in summer. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Surely you are curious and want to know right?

The following are some types of traditional clothing, namely:

Ao Dai Long Dress

In ancient times, traditional clothing used long sleeves. Clothing that has a long model like this long dress makes many women believe that the beauty they have will shine perfectly.

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Ai Tu Than

The northern part of Vietnam also has its own traditional clothes. The tunic-shaped dress model gives the impression of being very beautiful. There are several parts of traditional clothes that can be combined with long skirts. There are also those who combine Ai Tu Than clothes with hats made of leaves. To see traditional clothes, you have to come when there are traditional Cheo and Tuong music performances.

Ao Dai has two parts

In the Middle and South, traditional clothing is made simpler. The tunic dress model which is like a long dress has two parts in the formation of traditional clothes. Using Ao Dai, you can combine two parts with loose pants that use colors that match the color of the clothes you are wearing.

Ao Ba Ba
One of the traditional clothes that is often used as a companion dress for women in the Mekong Delta. The model for this traditional dress is a woman’s shirt. Using a shirt shows the beauty of every woman who uses it. Shirts that do not use a collar have a piece of cloth on the back and two parts on the front. The middle one uses two ropes as a tie from top to bottom.