Traditional clothes on special days

Traditional clothes on special days

Traditional clothes on special days

Traditional clothes on special days are our day to commemorate the days of the heroes who have protected and fought for national independence. On historic days, of course, the school always asks students to wear traditional clothes. Traditional clothing is only worn on certain occasions.

Inviting children to wear traditional clothes, of course, parents will be busy and looking for good costumes for their children. The purpose of ordering to wearTraditionalClothes is to tell children about the various cultures that exist in Indonesia. Of course, parents who are not familiar with regional costumes and clothing will find out by taking care of the children’s preparations.


Cuaresmaysemanasanta – For those of you who have never been a child, of course, you have experienced the name of trying on clothes, choosing colors, and being dressed beautifully according to the traditional clothes you wear. Traditional clothing is often used on Kartini’s day and Independence Day. The purpose of usingTraditionalClothes is:
Instill a sense of nationalism
Gain insight into the culture you discover
Increasing the sense of equality regardless of background and much more

Adults wear traditional clothes

Before the pandemic came to Indonesia, many events were being held. You can find various types of traditional clothing when there are only a few special events. Because those who use children then choose the type of accessories that are light.. Of course it’s very hard to use the original accessories.

mutual respect//group photo

So that the government recommends usingTraditionalClothes not using heavy accessories. Not only children, parents, and adults also useTraditionalClothes. Various government agencies are no less cool than the appearance of children wearingTraditionalClothes.

Unforgettable impression

A very good and unique moment. Can get photos together with unique TraditionalClothes. Do some unique poses with a funny look. Make an unforgettable impression by looking attractive.