The most beautiful traditional clothes in the whole world

The most beautiful traditional clothes in the whole world

The most beautiful traditional clothes in the whole world

The most beautiful traditional clothes in the world have characteristics that can captivate the hearts of users. Traditional clothes are regional clothes that represent the name and identity of the area. If there is a tribe that is striking and widely used in several places, it can become a national traditional dress.
Maybe some don’t know that the formation of traditional clothes also affects several things, such as:
Available materials
Weather and much more.

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – This is what makes traditional clothing so diverse around the world. Of the many traditional clothes, of course, some clothes are beautiful and also charming. This is what makes traditional clothes given the category of the most beautiful clothes, namely:


Sari is one of the traditional clothes in India. The clothes, which are at the same time the cloth wrapped and shaped in the body, become one of the most beautiful traditional clothes in the world. At first, the sari was just a long, unformed cloth. The most commonly used traditional clothing is a sari wrapped around the waist and the ends of the cloth tucked into the shoulders.

various cultures//Sari


Beautiful traditional clothes are presented by the Mongol state. There are 2 variants of Deel clothing, namely men’s and women’s Deel clothes. Men’s clothing models are simple while women’s clothing uses a lot of knick-knacks. The form of Mongolian traditional clothing is in the form of clothes that have high collars, long sleeves, loose clothes, and some knick-knacks that adorn Mongolian traditional clothes.


Traditional clothes that are no less beautiful than other clothes are traditional clothes from Thailand or better known as the white elephant country. Usually used in formal events. Many children, men, and women can also use traditional clothes from Thailand. Of all of them who often use traditional clothes, most of them are women.

There are 3 important parts of this Thai traditional clothing, such as:
The top of the headgear [ Hua dosa]
Middle of the shirt [Old sin]
The bottom of the cloth is wrapped around the belly[lead sin]]