The difference between kimono and yukata

The difference between kimono and yukata

The difference between kimono and yukata

The difference between kimono and yukata can be seen from the materials and accessories that will be used later. If you have ever been on vacation to Japan, you must have tried using traditional Japanese clothing. There are many types of Japanese clothing that you can choose and try. There are traditional Japanese men’s clothing and some for women.

At first glance, many people say that kimono and yukata are the same. However, if you observe, there is actually a difference. Almost everyone likes the style of dress from Japan. Unique and funny. To know the difference, of course, you have to know the history of every piece of clothing in Japan.


Kimono has the meaning of goods to be used. Based on each word, the kimono itself began to be known in Japan by the Chinese. Seen kimono models look normal at that time. However, as time goes by, kimono clothes continue to change fashion and develop into traditional clothing. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Not only the kimono, but the yukata itself also has a meaning as a bathrobe. Many of you might not think that yukata are clothes that are used for bathing. Usually, when you go to a hot spring or public bath you will wear a yukata either before bathing or after bathing. Lots of changes have also contributed to making the yukata develop into seasonal clothing. Only in certain seasons can you wear yukata.

To tell the difference


different but one direction of use//kimono

Using the best quality materials such as silk or finer fabrics
Can’t just use it
Only on certain events
Can use different arm sizes according to the rules of use
Many layers must be used
There are many accessories that must be used according to the type of kimono
More often used at weddings


No need to use a lot of ingredients. Enough with cotton
Only use short sleeves
Simple doesn’t use multiple layers
Can choose comfortably in summer
Become everyday clothes
Suitable for use in festivals

It does have some striking differences. However, when using kimono and yukata, you also have to pay attention to the direction of use. Do not get the wrong direction because later it will be considered impolite. It must be remembered that the direction on the left is placed above the right.