Stupid Clothes

Stupid clothes

Stupid Clothes/Baju Bodo

If you are on vacation in the Makassar area, don’t forget to try on beautiful and unique traditional clothes. Attending a wedding or traditional event can wear traditional clothes. Did you know that another name for Bodo clothes is poncho which means short?

Judging from the model of the clothes, Bodo clothes have short sleeves. From every historical story and story, it turns out that the Bodo dress is the oldest traditional dress or the oldest dress in the world. Initially, the Bodo shirt did not have short sleeves. But as time goes by and the entry of foreign nations makes the model of Bodo clothes also changes.

Old fashioned clothes

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – Of course, many of you are curious about the Bodo clothes in the past, right? traditional clothes in the past did not use top clothes. Every curve in the body becomes visible and challenging. Don’t forget to use a sarong at the bottom. As time went on and the introduction of Islamic teachings, Baju Bodo began to change.

Clothes that were open before are now more closed. No longer showing nakedness. While his subordinates still use sheets made of silk. Each color on Bodo clothes has a different use.

Differentiated by color and clothing models

distinguish age from age//Beautiful

Each color used on the Bodo shirt can be an identity sign of the user’s age and status. In ancient times, everyone in Makassar used the color and style of clothing as a social status. Surely many of you do not know right. Here’s how to distinguish colors and status, namely:

  • Girls who are still girls, usually wear short tops that reach the waist.
  • Meanwhile, long clothes that reach the calves are for mature women.
  • Orange for a ten-year-old
  • Red is for teenage girls aged seventeen through twenty-five
  • Green is for classy people
  • White for ordinary people or the general public
  • Purple is used for widowed women

After the changing times, caste differences in colors and clothing models were eliminated. Now people no longer need to be fixated on social status. they are all free to choose the type of clothing they like. Likewise, the color of the clothes is free.