Regarding cheongsams

Regarding cheongsams

Regarding cheongsams

For those of you who like culture, of course, you know about the cheongsam. One of the traditional clothes from China which is always popular in many circles. Almost every new year, there will be several people wearing cheongsam clothes. It looks old-fashioned but is able to make many millennial kids like and wear cheongsam clothes. Regarding cheongsams

Did you know that the Cheongsam actually has quite a long story? Not just ordinary clothes that are shaped and can be used by many people. Requires time and a long process. A process that makes the cheongsam dress one of the world’s cultural heritage.

Surely you are not curious about the story of the cheongsam. Here are some facts that you should know: Cuaresmaysemanasanta

It’s been around for a while

One of the traditional clothes that is quite popular in several countries has actually been around for a long time. From one thousand six hundred thirty-six, the cheongsam dress has become one of the traditional Chinese clothing. As you know, the cheongsam has the following characteristics:

  • Long dress
  • Upright neck shape
  • Body shaping
  • There are buttons on the chest
  • There is a slit under the clothes
dimmed for a while//popular

With this model, people who use it can move freely. It’s just that the cheongsam clothes in the past and now are very different. In modern times, cheongsam clothes have many different models than in the past.

In ancient times the cheongsam was only worn by people who had high positions. as time went on, traditional clothing began to change following several cultures from foreign countries. Maybe of all that exists, it turns out that the cheongsam dress has disappeared and is no longer popular. So that in the following year, there were several films that re-popularized the cheongsam outfit with a jacket or cardigan combined.

Same even though it changes
Even though it follows the style and model from the outside, the cheongsam still retains its characteristics. From a wide model, it has now changed to follow the body of the cheongsam user.