Papuan traditional clothes

Papuan traditional clothes

Papuan traditional clothes

Papuan traditional clothes are now popular traditional clothes recently. traditional clothes that have been used by lovers in pre-wedding events. Of course, those of you who have never seen traditional clothes from Papua, are very curious, right? There are many types of Papuan traditional clothes available and you can recognize them from each shape and name.

Here are the names of the clothes:


cuaresmaysemanasanta – One of the most iconic Papuan traditional clothes. Traditional clothes made specifically for Papuan men. The function of the Koteka only covers the genitals of men in Papua. Traditional clothes also have other terms, namely Horim or Bobbe. Traditional clothes made of water-gourd skin. Old water pumpkins can be a strong and durable material. The Koteka using water gourd is also decorated with partridge feathers or bird feathers.


Traditional clothes are only used by women as superiors. clothing that can only be found in western Papua. Not to forget, apart from the top, which is a bracket, it turns out that they also use a subordinate made of fur tassels which are made as skirts. Not just in the skirt alone. Feather tassels are also used as decoration on the sleeves and also on the edge of the neck.


the materials used are natural//sali

For those of you who are still girls and are not married, when visiting Papua, try wearing traditional Sali clothes. The purpose of Sali’s clothes is to use it so that people in Papua can know which Papuan girls are unmarried. This Sali shirt has a material that is not heavy and can be used as everyday clothes. The material for making Sali clothes is tree bark or sago leaves.


Traditional clothes mark a woman who is married or married. To be able to make Yokal clothes, you need material from tree bark that has a striking color. Of red or brown color on the ground.