Meaning of Dolomani Traditional Clothes from Buton

Meaning of Dolomani Traditional Clothes from Buton

Meaning of Dolomani Traditional Clothes from Buton

The meaning of the traditional Dolomani clothes from Buton can be seen in the essence of each event. Traditional clothing that was once used by the president of Indonesia. Right on Independence Day, Mr. Jokowi wore traditional Dolomani clothing from the Buton area, southeast Sulawesi. The Dolomani shirt has the original color of the clothes, black with white patterns.

A garment that is apparently still used by the sultan of Buton. Of course, there are several stories about traditional Dolomani clothes. Clothing that is a sign of affection by the thirty-fifth sultan of Buton. Only at important events do these Dolomani clothes be used. Of course, every important event is meant when a sultan begins to be involved in all royal affairs with the community.

In just 2 days

Seeing the meaning of these clothes made the Indonesian leader wear traditional clothes from Dolomani. The clothes worn by the president are red and white. To commemorate Independence Day. Of course, to get these traditional clothes, the president hired the services of a tailor from the city of Baubau. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

A tailor who apparently finished making these traditional clothes in just two days. The heart is so happy and happy to see President Jokowi wearing these traditional clothes. This beautiful and bright traditional dress actually has a different meaning.

sultan’s oversized dress//Southeast Sulawesi tradition

The hidden meaning of clothing motifs

The red shirt has a long floral pattern running from bottom to top. This floral motif, which is not too big, goes up showing the shape of the flower. In a sense, the strands symbolize a leader who starts from the bottom and continues to rise to the top. Then the leader will go back down to become an ordinary person.

Apart from the dangling floral motifs, it turns out that there are fruit motifs in the president’s traditional attire. The meaning of presence of this fruit will also symbolize having to always be careful in making a decision. Such a deep meaning makes for a sweet result so be careful in every decision.