Maluku traditional clothes

Maluku traditional clothes

Maluku traditional clothes

Maluku traditional clothes have many types. In Maluku, it’s not only traditional clothes, but you can find various kinds of culture in them. If you look at Maluku, it has a very wide area. It’s not just one tribe that lives in the Maluku area. But there are many tribes who live there. Of course, those of you who are part of Maluku are very proud and amazed by theTraditional clothes in Maluku.

Celebrity shirt

Cele clothes or Salele cloth are traditional clothes from Maluku. The unique regional clothing has lines that are in the form of small squares. Not only used for official events only. Maluku people sometimes use traditional clothes as ordinary clothes. The shape of the Cele traditional dress has a resemblance to a kebaya. Don’t forget to choose cloth that has the same motif and color as Cele’s traditional clothes. The Cele shirt itself was apparently taken from the Ambon custom. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

The Cele dress model is almost the same as the kebaya, where the hair will be in a bun with a few hair stitches specifically for Maluku custom. Did you know that in Maluku traditional clothes there are several European clothing styles? The clothes, although they have a European style, still represent the culture of Maluku. Traditional clothes that were only used for official events can now be used for ordinary events.


Unique shape and lots of beads//various types of traditional clothing

For men and women who like parties, of course, they will not forget dance clothes. The women wear skirts. Clothing that is used when pulling. Women wear skirts and men wear pants. Clothing based on European style. The shirt has a Cele motif with a split round neck. There are variations on the beads on the hands that are on the button cuff bands. Do not forget that on the left side of the dress, there is a Painggang lens made from leftover brocade.

Miss skirt

White kebaya with long sleeves with buttons on the sleeves is the style of Miss Skirt’s clothing. Clothing from the Southeast Maluku region. Using fine brocade material that has beautiful small motifs in bright colors such as red or orange. Don’t forget the belt model made of silver for women.

Manteren Lamo

Traditional clothes from North Maluku can only be used by the children of the king or sultan. Traditional clothing which turned out to be one of the cultural heritage of the two kingdoms of Ternate and Tidore.
Traditional clothing combined with European style. Mustiza is a wedding dress mixed with Ambonese and Portuguese customs.