Malaysia’s traditional clothes

Malaysia's traditional clothes

Malaysia’s traditional clothes

Malaysia is part of the Southeast Asian continent which has 13 states. Because there are several parts, it is not surprising that there are customs that must have existed since time immemorial. Each place that has customs, of course, has traditional clothes too. Malaysia’s traditional clothes.


Of course a lot of people are curious about the traditional clothes used by Malaysia. a dress that shows the characteristics and culture of each country. If you look again at some of the media, it turns out that Malaysia has several types of traditional models.

The following are some traditional clothes from Malaysia

Attitude Shirt – Cuaresmaysemanasanta
Pahang clothes
Miss Siti Wan Kembang’s clothes
Weasel Cekak Kurung Shirt
Long Kebaya
Shirt Kurung
Belanga Bay brackets

jewelery to match clothes//Malaysian custom

There are several types of traditional clothes in Malaysia, but the traditional clothes that are often used are the clothes of the brackets. The Kurung shirt is a shirt consisting of a kebaya and a sarong. The sarong that is tied on the left or right which is inserted into it is a hallmark of the Malaysian people. The use of traditional clothing is only in official events. Each traditional dress also has several types of jewelry.