Look forward to wearing traditional clothes

Look forward to wearing traditional clothes

Look forward to wearing traditional clothes

Traditional clothing is one of the cultures that must be preserved and maintained. Various traditional clothes that you can find and recognize easily. Maybe those of you parents who hear the word traditional clothes must have been dizzy seven around. However, there are times when parents get impatient when they see their children wearing traditional clothes. look forward to when wearing traditional clothes, and of course, the cute expressions from the child.

Not to mention even adult children who wear traditional clothes will give an attractive appearance. To be able to get traditional clothing according to your taste, of course, you can borrow it at a rental, or buy it. If traditional clothing events are often held, maybe you will continue to buy every year. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Make it yourself, buy or rent

Wearing traditional clothes is actually not done every day. Only on certain days, you can see people who look attractive. Even on Kartini’s Day and in the seventies, you might be able to see a traditional dress carnival. Every school, company, bank, or government office holds events wearing traditional clothes.

For parents, of course, it is not a problem to find traditional clothes for children. But what about adults? Of course, adults can look for clothes through rental places, and buy or make their own. If you like to collect, of course, you will buy more than make it yourself. But if you only use the task then you will choose to rent it.

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Comparison of buy and rent

If you compare buying and renting, of course, it depends on what type of model you are going to use. Most people who have a mediocre income will choose to just rent, try to compare it from:
You have to get the type of model you want with new materials
Buy complete accessories to match the traditional clothes that you will use.
Can choose the type of size
It’s been used by many people
No need to bother looking for accessories that are complete with the clothes
For all sizes