Korean traditional clothing hanbok

Korean traditional clothing hanbok

Korean traditional clothing hanbok

Every country has its own traditional and historical events. The various forms of clothing will certainly make us want to try these clothes. One of the countries that are often talked about for its romantic films and beautiful and handsome faces has been booming throughout the world. Korea. Korean traditional clothing, hanbok, Korean country is divided into 2 countries, namely South Korea and North Korea.

South Korea or Seoul is a country that has a lot of popularity in foreign countries. Not only are they pretty beautiful, but they also have a great talent for singing and acting. The country of ginseng which has become a lot of attention from many people also has beautiful and elegant traditional clothes.

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Cuaresmaysemanasanta – Not only South Korea, but North Korea also has traditional clothes. Beautiful and elegant clothes make every step of the woman who wears them look elegant. Traditional clothing in South Korea is more often known as hanbok and in North Korea, it is called Choson. When we see these traditional clothes, of course, we remember the Korean royal films of the Joseon era.

Clothing that can be used in formal or semi-formal situations is usually only seen at a traditional event or celebration. Beautiful colors with a simple style have their value. After changing leadership, traditional clothing also changed models. Classy women’s clothing at that time used waist-length shirts with rather large pants combined with long skirts and didn’t forget the robe that was used to cover the shoulders or head.

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There are also traditional clothes for bodyguards during the royal era called Gwanbok. At the time the Korean kingdom also divided the types of cloth based on one’s position. Delicate clothes made of silk only kings and nobles were allowed to have and for ordinary people, it was recommended to use hanbok with cheap materials. In the days of royalty and nobility it was permissible to have good materials for making hanbok. People can only use cheap materials.

Traditional clothing//Hanbok

When we look at their appearance, it certainly makes us feel like we are entering a Korean kingdom. Times keep changing, making hanbok also change models. The emergence of modern hanbok. Traditional clothing in antiquity developed and followed changes in the colors and motifs of the fabric.


Even though it is a modern era, hanbok clothing makers still hold on to the customs and messages of traditional clothes. Beautiful mix of bright colors You can choose the type of material you want when making hanbok. There is no need to follow the colors of the past. Different countries, different appearances.

South Korea is a country that has a metropolitan city life. Free to choose and also follow the fashion they like, Fashion that makes many countries develop and follow the era of foreign cultures. Gives a beautiful and graceful side. North Korea, of course, is different from South Korea. Countries that have strict rules and have different developments from foreign cultures.

One model with a different name and fabric shape

Even though South and North Korea are different, they have the same type of traditional clothing, only the names and shapes of the clothes are different. The two countries do have the same traditional clothes, the only difference being the shape of the fabric. In South Korea, hanbok clothing uses matching colors with an elegant mix of colors. As for clothing, there is North Korean traditional clothing, Choson, which is identical with fabrics full of motifs.