Korean Traditional Clothes.

Korean traditional clothes

Korean Traditional Clothes.

Korea is a country that is admired by many people. Not only handsome artists and actors but this ginseng country city also has a fairly high medical knowledge. No wonder many parents give their children a gift that can change their future for the better. From a modern and trendy appearance, it turns out that Korea also has Korean traditional clothes.

An outfit that brings Korea to advanced and great. Even though it turned out that Korea had a dispute and finally they separated by forming 2 countries on one land, namely South Korea and North Korea. Because of differences of opinion, the camps separated and formed their own country.

Can be in many events

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – The separation of the Korean state was not in the era of the Korean kingdom, but in the Korean era, it was already getting to know some advanced civilizations during the civil war era. It was unexpected that this once united country became separated due to some differences of opinion. Despite differences of opinion, the two countries also have the same type of traditional clothing. The only thing that distinguishes these clothes is the type of material and the model of the clothes.

As we know that traditional clothes in Korea are hanbok for South Korean and Choson-ot for North Korean. Clothing that has ever followed the changing times and also entered into the most important traditional clothing. Traditional clothes can also be used at weddings, Chuseok, first birthday [dol janchi], Chinese New Year, and many other types of events that use hanbok.

Types of traditional clothes

It turns out that it’s not just hanbok clothes that are Korean traditional clothes. There are still some other traditional clothes that we can know about, namely:

available for all events//Hanbok

Modern Hanbok

The types of traditional clothes that have followed the times have made many types of hanbok that can be used at any event. The combination of clothes that have floral and lace motifs is very light when used.

Hwarot [ Korean bridal wear ]

Hwarot outfits for Korean brides have great meaning in every color in Hwarot outfits. A lot of red in the Hwarot outfit with the type of pattern that is quite complicated gives a lot of prayers for the bride and groom.


One type of hanbok can only be found in tourist attractions. For visitors who want to try traditional Korean clothes.


Clothing with long sleeves has a different form of clothing for men and women. For men, the clothes are long to the waist and for women it is below the chest, complete with a beautiful V list on the clothes.


Every traditional event usually everyone will wear traditional clothes. even these traditional clothes appear more often when in royal or colossal movie scenes. The shape of the motif on this dress is floral.


Covered clothing is usually in the form of a coat. Men’s clothing only

There are still many types of traditional clothing that we can discuss. The shape of the clothes is very elegant and beautiful, making the wearer look beautiful. Of course, many can’t wait to try this Korean dress, right? Already the color and the model are beautiful with sweet accessories around the hair. You can rent traditional clothes at a clothing rental place.. So you don’t have to go far for Korea because there are clothes with Korean background images.