Javanese traditional clothes

Javanese traditional clothes

Javanese traditional clothes

Javanese traditional clothes are clothes that have a culture from Java. The island of Java is divided into several regions such as East, West, Central Java, and many other areas. Each region has a different traditional dress. The beginning came from the Javanese tribe, who were mostly ethnic descendants who settled on the island of Java.

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Cuaresmaysemanasanta – But not all live on the island of Java. There are some people who also move and live on other islands. So a lot of cultures spread widely outside the island. Every tradition that exists on the island of Java starts from traditional clothes, food, and so on.

Javanese traditional clothes can only be used at formal and casual events. Of course, many are curious, is not it? Why traditional clothes can be used for 2 events. This can happen because of the influence of fashion. Fashion that continues to grow makes TraditionalJavanese clothes also develop without limitations.

Combine with batik

If we go back to the past, of course, that’s the only clothing model. But since fashion began to appear and change the appearance of traditional Javanese clothing, it can be modified with several other models. Javanese clothing models that continue to advance and follow world trends. One that has received recognition from UNESCO is batik.

Combine batik motifs with traditional Javanese clothes. The presence of batik is able to elevate Javanese culture. Being one of the original heritage of Indonesian culture. Various types of batik with different motifs represent each region.

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Types of men’s and women’s clothing

Of course, many are curious what are the types of Javanese traditional clothes. Clothes that can be in 2 events. Formal and casual events. We start with the traditional Javanese clothes for men, namely: Surjan, Beskap, and Jawi Jangkep.

As for women, the TraditionalClothes are the Javanese kebaya, the new flea, Dodot, and Kemben styles. From all the types of clothes mentioned, you can know about JavaneseTraditional clothes. Do not miss the traditional clothes for weddings such as wet, and Kaninggaran.