Indonesian traditional clothes

Indonesian traditional clothes

Indonesian traditional clothes

Traditional clothes are clothes that represent each region. Many people know that clothes are only used during festivals. But some of them do not know about the meaning of traditional clothing. Traditional clothing or traditional clothes are costumes that are used to represent regional or tribal culture.

Each region and place has a variety of different cultures. According to the culture and customs, there are some areas that still maintain and preserve the culture in which they live. Clothing can also be a symbol or an identity in a community group.

Indonesia has many islands and tribes. So that their culture is also different. It’s the same with countries in the world that have different cultures and customs. Each outfit from top to bottom has a different meaning.

Of course, many ordinary people do not know that traditional clothing has different meanings such as: Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Almost all clothes that we meet have different shapes. Can be seen from the way the application of clothing and also the model. This can make us know that culture and manufacture are the same in society. Examples of models of kebaya clothes, models of confinement, length, and so on. What stands out, even more, is the motif of the clothes. Motifs that represent and characterize each region.


When you get a top model, don’t forget to look for the bottom like a skirt or pants. The bottom model usually adjusts the motif or material at the top. The model also has various examples of Sundanese clothing where the bottom uses pants but is given batik cloth again as decoration.

each outfit represents the name of the region//regional clothes

One of the most important decorations in beautifying appearance. Women use a variety of glitter decorations. Each decoration on the head also represents each region. The men will use a head covering like a cloth that is coiled and shaped or a headband.

Cloth or scarf

Don’t forget to give decorations besides there are some areas that use sash or shawl side cloth to give the impression of a symbol of their regional culture.


Just as In addition. Helps to tighten the skirt or pants. Sometimes belts are also made of leather, a Songket, and so on.

Foot jewelry and also other jewelry.

Don’t forget other sweeteners, namely bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Of course, you have seen people wearing traditional clothes complete with leg decorations. Foot decoration as a sweetener. Jewelry will be a symbol of the formed custom.