Get to know traditional clothes for weddings

Get to know traditional clothes for weddings

Get to know traditional clothes for weddings

Get to know the traditional dress for the wedding first. Of course, many couples want to wear beautiful and beautiful wedding clothes. A one-time wedding wearing a bride’s dream wedding attire. Wear beautiful clothes. Get to know traditional clothes for weddings

Indonesia has many cultures and also diversity. There are many types of traditional clothes that you can choose and use. The couples mutually agree to choose the type of traditional clothing they will use in their wedding. For this, you have to start thinking about choosing traditional clothes.

You have to know about the traditional clothes that you will use. The following are the types of traditional clothing:

Solo [ Cuaresmaysemanasanta ]

Traditional clothing is from the area of ​​​​Central Java. Traditional clothing still holds cultural and traditional values. In the solo tradition, you will use wet solo clothing. When using traditional solo clothing, don’t forget to also be decorated with green Paes Ageng. Color that symbolizes positive thoughts.


Traditional clothes highlight the manners and sacred values ​​of marriage. There are 2 types of Yogyakarta weddings, namely the Kanigaran model and the Paes Ageng model.

clothes for once in a lifetime//Yogyakarta


Traditional clothing was once popular and liked by many brides. Some time ago several artists also used the concept of marriage with Sundanese customs. The Sundanese custom shows the impression of elegance and beauty. The type of crown used is a Sundanese Siger to give the impression of a beautiful bride and become queen in one day on her wedding day.


One type of traditional clothing that gives the impression of luxury and special. Payas Agung clothing is traditional clothing from Bali. The crown for the bride is large. For the type of men’s clothing, he uses a dagger and luxurious Songket as his subordinates.