East Kalimantan traditional clothing

East Kalimantan traditional clothing

East Kalimantan traditional clothing

Each province certainly has a place that is so vast and countless. Diversity and culture make some regions have unique characteristics. It’s not only the clothes that are unique, there are also several traditional musical instruments from East Kalimantan that you can try to see and play. East Kalimantan traditional clothing has several unique elements.

There are many tribes that you can find in East Kalimantan. Even though they live in one place or area, each tribe still has different traditional clothes. However, traditional clothing in Kalimantan is often used for several important events such as weddings, official events, traditional ceremonies, and many more.

Takwo and Miskat

Takwo Cuaresmaysemanasanta
It is a traditional dress that has three different types, such as the usual Takwo, Kustin, and one side. Takwo itself turns out to have a different name when used by men or women. Takwo men have the form of a high collar which is given gold buttons and a gold chain that is made to hang between the two buttons up to the chest. If you want to look elite, you can also add decorations on the neck or buttons. Subordinates for men use cloth of the same color as trousers with the front on the right folded seven times.

Meanwhile, Takwo for women uses plain brocade kebaya with a high and closed collar. Prettier so that it is not empty, you can prepare gold buttons on the right and left. The women’s skirt uses batik cloth which has a beautiful pattern with the addition of gold tassels on the right.

looks luxurious with embroidered models//Takwo


Traditional clothes have the same shape and what distinguishes them are the buttons on the clothes. For guys, use the right button in a slanted position with long sleeves. As for women, the buttons on the shirt are on the left. His subordinates, all adjust the color of the cloth you use. As usual, women wear long skirts and men wear trousers.