Dayak Traditional Clothes

Dayak Traditional Clothes

Dayak Traditional Clothes

Dayak traditional clothing is a custom from Kalimantan. Kalimantan has many diverse cultures and tribes. One of them is the Dayak tribe. indigenous tribes from the island of Borneo who lives in Kalimantan. The Dayak tribe has a culture that is still original. Even though times have changed and advanced technology, the Dayak tribe still maintains the authenticity of its culture. Dayak Traditional Clothes

This is what makes the Dayak tribe different from other tribes. The traditional clothes they have are no less beautiful than other tribes. One of the traditional clothes that you can still find is the Ta’a Sapei Sapaq. Traditional clothing also has several accessories that are complete and still original.

The two outfits have different names

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – In the Dayak tribe, women’s and men’s clothing are divided into two different names for women in traditional Ta’a clothing and for men in Sapei Sapaq. The most interesting accessories in the Dayak tribe are feather ornaments that are used on the head. The decoration is still original and preserved until now. At every official tribal event, everyone will wear traditional Ta’a Sapei Sapaq clothes.

Not only official events, but the Ta’a Sapei Sapaq dress is also often used at weddings and welcoming official guests. Each traditional dress that is used has several different stories. The traditional clothes for Ta’a women have a very beautiful meaning, which is elegant and simple. His confident nature is one of the meanings of the Ta’a traditional dress.

The meaning of traditional clothes

still have the original culture//Dayak dance

Ta’a clothing is made of velvet which gives an elegant and non-exotic impression. Traditional clothes that use velvet material have a shape like a vest. There are also some decorations on Ta’a’s own clothes. There are several colorful beads on the back and front of the shirt. Not left behind, the sleeves are also decorated with similar beads in various colors.

There is also a tassel decoration at the bottom of the sleeve. Apart from women’s traditional clothes, there are also men’s traditional clothes that you can find, namely Sapei Sapaq. Men’s traditional clothes are only used during official events. The meaning of the Sapei Sapaq shirt is dashing, responsible, and brave.