Characteristics of Malay traditional clothes from Riau

Characteristics of Malay traditional clothes from Riau

Characteristics of Malay traditional clothes from Riau

Traditional clothes when observed are actually almost the same. Making many people who don’t know sometimes just guess. Even so, of course, traditional clothing is never wrong if you know how to tell the difference. One of them is the traditional clothes from Riau. There are characteristics of Malay traditional clothing from Riau that you can find, such as: Characteristics of Malay traditional clothes from Riau

When viewed from the shape and motive, of course, it gives a good meaning in interpreting a culture of society. Each traditional dress has some beauty from its shape and motif. When viewed from afar can make people amazed. Not just a tool to show off.

Each motif represents the regional culture

Maybe some of you know about the symbols or symbols of each traditional dress. a symbol that will be a sign of the value of these traditional clothes. Each traditional piece of clothing turns out to have a different value. Sometimes people often judge social status through traditional clothing. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Traditional clothing also has several symbols that have many meanings. Every time you make a symbol, you have to follow the rules. Both in terms of motifs, colors, and much more. Apart from clothes, it turns out that there are still a number of accessories that must be considered, not just top clothes. Lots of types of traditional clothing began to follow the times. Even though it has changed, the thing that must be remembered is to maintain the rules and norms that exist in society, both religious and social.

Men’s traditional clothes

There are many kinds of Riau Malay traditional clothes. Men’s clothes consist of three types, namely Cekak Weasel, Chinese scissors, and Teluk Belanga. Of the three, it turns out that they have different places and user events. Cekak weasel clothes are traditional clothes that are used during family festivities.

Many types of Malay traditional clothing from Riau//Beautiful

You can use Chinese scissors based on your wishes. some use it as everyday clothes. Traditional clothes that are never used at any special event. Teluk benga traditional clothing is most often used as a wedding dress and also for traditional ceremonies.

If there are three men, there are two women. Two models of traditional Malay women’s clothing are able to make women look beautiful when wearing them. Shirt brackets and pumpkin. Of the two clothes, it turns out that there is a partner for Teluk Belang, namely the shirt.