Central Java traditional clothes

Central Java traditional clothes

Central Java traditional clothes

Central Javanese traditional clothes are traditional clothes that have cultural values ​​and meanings. Since the entry of Islamic Mataram civilization, Central Java has its own culture. Each outfit will tell a story as well as the reason why it exists. That’s why the traditional clothes of Central Java are still lasting until now.

There are 4 traditional Javanese clothes that you can know, namely:

Surjan Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Surjan traditional clothes for men. In the past, these men’s traditional clothes were only used for official events.. Surjan can also be used in formal events. There are 2 colors of Surjan, brown and black. Long sleeve model, round shanghai collar neck shape and added again with a pocket on the side. To use surjan, don’t forget to use batik cloth as a subordinate. Surjan is not only for men but also for women. Surjan’s clothes have long sleeves plus 3 buttons.


Women’s clothing that has an elegant and beautiful impression. If the men have surjan and jawi jangkep clothes, the women have kebaya clothes made of thick and smooth. Materials that are often used in making kebaya are velvet and satin. The kebaya model made by Kukubaru gives a beautiful impression. Completeness in women’s clothing, namely: kemben, stagen, jarik or batik cloth and kebaya.

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Traditional clothes that can turn someone into a king and queen in a day. Bridal outfit that gives the feel of a king and queen. The model of clothing used by men and women is the top using the same color. Using soft velvet with long sleeves. As for women, the material is the same using velvet with a collarless model.


Wet one of the bride’s traditional clothes. In this use, the bride and groom will experience difficulties because of the many stages of installation. This outfit that shows the back and shoulders model becomes a bridal outfit.