Betawi traditional clothes

Betawi traditional clothes

Betawi traditional clothes

Betawi traditional clothing is one of the clothes that is often used to commemorate the anniversary of Jakarta. In addition to the anniversary of the capital city, it turns out that Betawi clothes are also often used for weddings and others. Not only from the area who have traditional clothes. But the capital also has cool traditional clothes.

Betawi traditional clothes are obtained by mixing Indonesian culture with several other cultures such as Arabic, Chinese, and others. Of course, Betawi clothes can be used as everyday clothes. There are also those who use it on wedding days and can also be used during official events. There are several types of Betawi clothing available. As citizens of Jakarta, of course, you are no strangers to Betawi clothing.

To get to know Betawi clothes, you can see some of their uniqueness, namely;

bridal wear

As native Jakartans, of course, wearing Betawi wedding attire is a very sacred thing. Clothing has several characteristics that are very distinctive and different from other clothes. Its unique shape makes many Betawi people always proud of their culture. A wedding dress that has elements of a mixture of cultures makes the bride look beautiful and elegant. Betawi wedding clothes have names like those for men called haj care dress and women make up care none bride cine. Cuaresmaysemanasanta


Don’t get the wrong name for this traditional dress. traditional clothes that get a mixture of Chinese culture. The shirt has a round neck model with loose pants. In the past, Pangsi clothes were more often used for everyday clothes. Now, in modern times, Pangsi clothing is more famous for its clothing styles of Betawi farmers, champions, and warriors.

often used in events//type


One of the traditional clothes that are only used for men and are often used during brother none events and festivals in Jakarta. The shape of the conscious dress is very unique. Has a collar that is closed like a Koko shirt with an all-white clothing color.


Women’s traditional clothing is often used by some young girls or teenagers. No need to wear a luxurious model and sheen. Because Encim clothes already show an elegant and graceful attitude.

Clothing that is only often used for certain occasions, such as commemorating Heroes’ Day, welcoming guests, and others. Did you know that Encim clothes were obtained from the influence of European culture? Traditional clothes that use brocade or materials made in Europe. Using kebaya Encim, don’t forget to choose a skirt as your bottom. In ancient times all women would use sarongs as skirts. Now many young people wear pants or long skirts as a combination of Encim clothes.