Beltwala traditional clothing

Beltwala traditional clothing

Beltwala traditional clothing

Beltwala traditional clothing has funny shapes and motifs. The model for the Beltwala is actually not that complicated. Those who have used it must be familiar with it and easy to use. It’s different for those of you who are new, you must find it difficult and troublesome to use it. Beltwala traditional clothing

The motifs on the Beltwala cloth itself are so beautiful that when girls wear them they look beautiful and cute. Surely you don’t know that the Beltwala traditional dress actually has several characteristics that are easy to recognize. Starting from the motive, the combination of its use, and much more.

To find out what the Beltwala is like, you can do the following:

Many kinds

Not only one type is available. It turns out that there are many types of Beltwala that you can find and try to use. By wearing a Beltwala, you will look like a princess of the palace, like a Beltwala Padintenan. Beltwala Padintenan actually has its own characteristics in its use. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

This will make you know the function and location of the use of the Padintenan Beltwala. when you use a batik belt, you can move freely wherever you are. Clothes that can be used on weekdays. In contrast, at a wedding, you have to use praos and Chinde for the drip event.

The batik cloth used

Beltwala is combined with batik cloth that has been Wiru. The selection of batik cloth is very diverse. You can choose the type according to what you want.

there are many types of accessories that you can use//sweet and beautiful

Materials used

The material itself is not too difficult. Only by using cotton can make the belt be beautiful. In addition, it turns out that the Beltwala is also decorated with a belt that uses a Kamus or a belt made of Bludhiran with floral motifs.

Additional equipment
Don’t forget the hairstyle to match the traditional Beltlawa clothing. Using a bun hairstyle gives the impression of Kejawen and elegance. Also added some jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and much more. for the hands not to be left behind, they also have to be given a shoulder clamp or a bracelet model shaped like a snake thread that is pinned on the upper hand.