Balinese traditional clothes

Balinese traditional clothes

Balinese traditional clothes

Balinese traditional clothes are one of the traditional clothes that you can find and meet at every festival. There are many types of Balinese traditional clothing available. To be able to see these clothes, of course, you have to attend a special event in Bali. In Bali, not everyone can wear traditional clothes. Only at certain events can only wear these clothes.

Here are some names of traditional Balinese clothes, namely:

Great Payas – Cuaresmaysemanasanta

One of the most luxurious traditional clothing. Some say that Payas Agung is a luxurious garment that shows one’s position. Clothes that you can only find now on your wedding day. Traditional clothes can only be used when there is a special event or a special event.


Clothes that can be used on weekdays. Usually, people who wear middle school clothes will go to Banjar events and mourn the dead. It turns out that middle-aged dresses are also often used to attend wedding invitations. Dressing in traditional Payas middle clothes can make people look polite and respect others.

only on special occasions//typical bali

If you are Balinese, of course, you have small pay clothes. To pray at the temple, you must wear alit clothes. No need to bother looking for alit clothes. Only by wearing white clothes can you participate in worship. In this Payas Alit shirt, there are 2 types, namely for men and women. To pray, of course, you must use several complete attributes such as:
Men: use a white headband with a white shirt too. Do not forget to also use subordinates in the form of cloth and given seams.
Women: use white or yellow kebaya. Subordinates used batik cloth with a scarf tied at the waist. Don’t forget to also make a special hairstyle by tying or carrying it.

Of course, those of you who are Balinese are very proud. Can save a tradition that upholds Balinese culture. A characteristic that can make a lot of curious tourists.