Simple for boys and girls

Simple for boys and girls

Simple for boys and girls

Simple for boys and girls, of course, have to see what model of clothes they will use. Hearing that the national event is getting closer, of course, many parents are starting to get busy choosing what kind of traditional clothes their children will wear. There are many types of traditional clothes that you can choose from based on your preferences.

Each school will hold a national event once a year. The day when children have to wear traditional clothes from different regions. Many parents choose traditional clothes not based on practicality. Most of them choose clothes based on the shape and model of each region. If the model is good and the color of the clothes is beautiful, parents will immediately choose it. Every year the school will hold a national event for children.

Traditional clothing types

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – This is done to teach children about Indonesian culture and the various types of customs that exist in Indonesia. Of course, as parents, you will choose traditional clothes that are simple and easy for children to use. Here are some simple traditional children’s clothes, namely:

  • Betawi
  • Javanese traditional clothes
  • Bali
  • Minang
  • Bugis
  • Dayaks
  • Papuan

Of all the traditional clothing models, of course, parents can choose the type of traditional clothing that they like. Choosing traditional clothes that are suitable for children will certainly make you confused. Each traditional clothing that children use will represent each region.


simple and unique//Papuan

Wearing traditional clothes and introducing children so they can get to know Indonesian culture. Simple clothes that can be worn by children without being complicated. Choosing traditional clothes that are comfortable for children and can move freely without experiencing difficult obstacles is the main thing. Because most parents choose traditional clothing not based on the comfort of the child, but on unique traditional clothing models and attractive colors are the parents’ choice.