Kebumen traditional clothes

Kebumen traditional clothes

Kebumen traditional clothes

The Kebumen traditional clothes are one of the typical clothes that are starting to be shown to many residents. Of course, some of you know about Kebumen. A region that some time ago had made several revisions regarding the anniversary of Kebumen. Kebumen Regency, which starts on the twenty-first of August, has officially become an anniversary.

At the inauguration of Kebumen, there were several residents and members who participated in carrying out several interesting activities for everyone. The atmosphere became even more lively with the presence of the Deputy Regent of Kebumen. The deputy regent who attended was wearing typical clothes from the Kebumen area. After the anniversary event and the introduction of traditional clothes, the parties several leaders began to suggest that their subordinates with civilian members wear traditional Kebumen clothes.

Characteristic features

Of course, the members who heard it immediately prepared some typical clothes from Kebumen. Of course, you are very curious about the clothing models from the Kebumen area, right? Here are some features that you might know: Cuaresmaysemanasanta

For men’s clothing
The clothes for men that are used are in the form of a Surjan model which has long sleeves with a standing collar. The motifs that appear on the Surjan are several types of lines that have different colors. There is a brown color like the ground which has a greenish color. Don’t forget about the buttons on the Lurik clothes. The shirt uses a wrap button with the same color fabric.

using typical Kebumen batik//conserve

Besides clothes, don’t forget the pants model. Black pants combined with batik cloth from the Kebumen area. In addition to traditional clothes, there are also several accessories such as belts and head coverings that use cloth in a triangular shape.

Clothes for women
Traditional clothes made with kebaya models like Kartini. Traditional clothes use long sleeves with the same color material as the color of men’s clothes. With a greenish-brown stripe motif. Using black stagen with batik typical of the Kebumen area.

Of course, all employees will be assigned to wear traditional clothes. This is done so that the regional culture of Kebumen can increase and develop. This includes preserving regional traditional clothes.