Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing

Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing

Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing

Bangka Belitung traditional clothes are traditional clothes that are usually used for big events and for weddings too. The name of the Bangka Belitung traditional dress is setting clothes. Traditional clothes combined with a cloth called Cual. Judging from the shapes and motifs, the Bangka Belitung traditional clothes have a blend of 2 countries, namely Arabic and Chinese. Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing

The beginning of this traditional dress existed when an Arab trader arrived in Indonesia. Lived in Bangka Belitung to trade. The trader who fell in love with the Chinese woman married and lived happily. It was from this love story that the community began to make the same clothing motifs used by the bride and groom.


An outfit that saves the love story of 2 different nations. For those of you who have vacationed in Bangka Belitung, of course, you are not surprised by the accessories used by the bride and groom. The motif on the clothes has beads that are yellowish gold in color. The material used is also a soft material made of velvet fabric. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Sometimes, in addition to fabrics made of velvet, there are those who use fine satin, such as silk. the shape of the setting itself does not reach the bottom but only the top. to use subordinates must use a long cloth to cover it. Did you know that the color of the clothes of the Belitung Islands is synonymous with red?


Cual cloth is a cloth that is used to cover subordinates. There are two types of fabrics that you can choose full or empty motifs. Apart from using the typical clothes from Bangka Belitung, there are still some accessories that you can use. Don’t forget that you can also combine traditional clothing with accessories in the form of a gold crown.

motive//Fabric motifs that have different meanings

The distinctive feature of the Belitung Islands itself is in the Cual cloth. Fabric that has a resemblance to Songket. The motifs on the cloth contain flora and fauna in bright colors. Did you know that making Cual cloth takes quite a long time? Only experienced people can make Cual cloth.

Each motif has a different meaning

Traditional clothing is still in use today. Only noble people can wear traditional clothes as wedding clothes in Bangka Belitung. Each motif on Cual cloth has a different meaning. If you find floral motifs it means purity, grace, and kindness. There are many other motives.