The function of Traditional Clothing

Function of Traditional Clothing

The function of Traditional Clothing

The traditional clothes that you usually see in your area or in other areas are not just ordinary clothes. But traditional clothes are used to have another function. Of course, it’s great to see traditional clothes from other regions because the various accessories and colors of the clothes are so beautiful. It is undeniable that the difference in the shape of the cloth and the way they dress makes one amazed.

Wearing traditional clothes can be used anywhere.

  • Wedding – Cuaresmaysemanasanta
    With your clothing identity, many people can easily find out what custom you are wearing at a wedding. By wearing traditional clothes from any area, you will carry the identity of a region. Of course, when wearing traditional clothes, you have to bring your culture at the same time.
  • Social status
    As for traditional clothes that have social status in certain areas there is a material that can distinguish you from what social status you come from. The social status in question is not just from the upper or lower classes, but whether you are married or not.
  • Big Day Celebration
    In celebrating holidays like in Indonesia, including Kartini’s Day, it will make provisions for school children to wear traditional clothes. However, in big events, each province will provide provisions for invited guests or workers to wear traditional clothes as well. During the celebration of the big day, you will see the leader’s traditional clothes, definitely different from the others.
every dress is different//traditional dress

By using traditional clothes according to their function, someone will also feel the benefits. Of course, the benefits you get are the same when you wear traditional clothes. Because you can use traditional clothes that can unite the nation. Apart from that, it can show the characteristics of each region. Or you will show degrees when you wear traditional clothes. The benefits of wearing clothes depend on each user, so you don’t need to hesitate when wearing traditional clothes.