The famous traditional clothes in Indonesia

The famous traditional clothes in Indonesia

The famous traditional clothes in Indonesia

There are a lot of traditional clothes which are well-known in Indonesia. There are many types of culture that imply traditional clothes. Not only does it have a unique building shape, but in Indonesia, it also has several types of traditional clothing which are well known in their area. Behind a story is formed a motif that represents each region.

The motif formed into a shirt and symbolizes the area. to be able to use traditional clothing is certainly not arbitrary. Only at important events and on the new wedding day can you wear traditional clothes. Indonesia has a variety of different cultures and customs.

There are several clothes that are well-known and often used by some people, namely:

Javanese clothes – Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Traditional clothing that comes from Central Java. Of course you have seen several wedding customs that use the Central Javanese concept. To use it, don’t forget a number of accessories that are complete for both men and women. Jawi Jangkep is the name of the Central Javanese traditional clothes for men. Clothing that uses plain black material or has gold floral patterns in the middle of the clothes.
Meanwhile, women will wear black long clothes decorated with gold flowers and beautiful sequins.

Each motif represents regional culture//Javanese clothes

Ulee Baalang

Derived from the Aceh area in the city of Veranda of Mecca. In antiquity there was a comparison with the traditional dress in aces. Luxurious clothing shows one’s position. After the times began to change, the civilization of traditional clothing also changed. Not used to show status anymore. n traditional clothing, there are different names for men’s and women’s clothing. for men Linta Baro and Women Dara Baro. There have been lots of residents who have started trying to wear traditional clothes from Aceh. Traditional clothing that is black in color with materials woven with silk. Do not miss the headdresses of men who use the Acehnese style and women who use lots of gold jewelry on their heads.


Stop by in North Sumatra, and don’t forget to see the beauty of the Ulos traditional clothes. A cloth that turns out to have several stories passed down from our ancestors. Did you know that this Ulos cloth has the meaning of being a symbol of love, unity, and blessing? In addition, it turns out that every motif and color you get also has a different meaning.

Kebaya Labuh and Teluk Belanga

A traditional dress that comes from Riau. BTraditional clothes that have the same meaning are just different names. Men will wear Teluk Belanga clothes and women will wear Kebaya Labuh. It’s rare to be able to see traditional clothes from Riau. To be able to see these clothes, you have to visit several wedding venues that use the traditional Teluk Belanga and Kebaya Labuh clothes. Apart from weddings, it turns out that you can also meet during traditional ceremonies.