Russian traditional dress

Russian traditional dress

Russian traditional dress

Russian traditional clothes are very beautiful and unique. When discussing traditional clothes, you will find various types of stories that are in the formation of traditional clothes. Every place and area certainly has reasons and stories about the traditional clothes they have. The same thing in Russia is now a hot topic of conversation. Russian traditional dress

Did you know that until now no one knows that Russian traditional clothes actually exist? Traditional clothes were once banned from appearing in the general public. Based on the story that Russian traditional clothing has a bad influence on non-progressives, this is what made King Peter the Great make laws regarding traditional Russian clothing.

As a result of this ban, Russian citizens could not wear traditional clothes and all chose to wear modern, European-style clothes. To be able to see traditional Russian clothes, you can visit several villages and churches. There, some residents still maintain and preserve traditional Russian clothing.

Since many people have switched to modern clothes, many European clothing styles are often found. This is what makes some elements of traditional Russian clothing begin to disappear. Even so, some tourists and other tourists are still curious about traditional Russian clothes.

Clothing that has cultural elements. Here are some clothing names that you can find:


Cuaresmaysemanasanta – Rubakha or often called a big shirt. One of the traditional clothing that has a large element. Rubakha is a traditional dress that can be worn by men or women. When viewed from the style of clothing, it has a contemporary shirt-like shape. Clothing can be used in the form of different meanings. For people who have a lot of money to wear Rubakha clothes as everyday clothes. It’s different when you wear Rubakha clothes on the street, you will be considered a beggar.

Long dress

can only be found in villages and churches//Beautiful

In ancient Russia, they also had a long dress with a dress-like model. Long dress Sarafan which is one of the traditional clothes from Russia. Traditional clothes that you often use on special occasions can also be used as everyday clothes.


Apart from traditional clothes, it turns out that Russia also has some unique accessories. Kokoshnik is a headdress. This decoration that can be used by both men and women turns out to have slightly strict rules. For unmarried women, they can use it by giving beautiful ornaments in their hair. Meanwhile, married women are not allowed to show their hair to other people.