Chinese traditional dress

Chinese traditional dress

Chinese traditional dress

Every country and region has its own culture. You can find various cultures and ancestral heritage everywhere. Not left behind with traditional clothes. Clothing that can let others know and become an identity that cannot be lost. Every time you pass by, you will definitely meet several people wearing traditional clothes. One of them is traditional Chinese clothes that you can find in several places.

Its unique shape with fashionable clothing makes people who use it look elegant. Each color gives a warm and sunny feeling all day long. Did you know that there is not just one Chinese traditional dress? There are many types of traditional clothing that you can find in China.

There are many types such as:

  • Qipao
  • Samfoo
  • Hanfu
  • Cheongsams
  • Harbor robe
  • Changsan
  • Shanghai
  • Tangsu and others

Cuaresmaysemanasanta – Of all the names of these clothes, there are historical stories about the progress of the Chinese state. Each outfit underwent changes and followed the progress of the Chinese state. Certainly, not a short time to be able to make clothes that are warm and soft in use by many people. It takes a long time to be able to make a lot of clothes.

Changed accessories

In every era and heyday, there must be time to make Chinese clothing continue to grow. During the Qin and Han dynasties, all clothing began to change. The existence of a dress that can distinguish the social status of society. It’s not just clothes that have developed, some jewelry has also changed and kept up with the times.

wearing unique and elegant clothes//Beautiful

Every year the Chinese state always experiences a change of power. This often triggers major changes in traditional Chinese clothing. The merging of the two cultures has made some craftsmen try to present new types of clothing. A dress that is closed but still makes the wearer look beautiful and beautiful.

There are many big changes that make China always try to bring back a modern feel. Since the dynasty changed, the order and arrangement also changed. Began to accept the presence of people – people from other countries. An interesting way of dressing that many clothing makers try to imitate.