Boy’s traditional clothes

Boy's traditional clothes

Boy’s traditional clothes

Traditional clothing for boys to appear at school, of course, must look cool. As a parent, you hear that schools order their children to wear traditional clothes. Of course, the souls of parents, especially mothers, will choose cute and funny traditional clothing models. If you look at the completeness of boys, it is simpler than girls’ clothes. Boy’s traditional clothes

The boys only use completely traditional clothing and don’t forget to wear just a few headdresses and belts. simpler and easier no longer need to spend time dressing children. Of course, many people are wondering why children have to wear traditional clothes.

There are benefits that can be obtained, namely:

To help develop the attitude of nationalism Cuaresmaysemanasanta
Introducing culture
Teach children not to mock each other’s friends.
Teachers caring attitude toward others
Improved discipline and much more.
By implementing these goals, the child’s attitude can be formed properly. Can help each other.

When choosing clothes for children, of course, parents will choose shapes and motifs that can make their children handsome and cute. There are many types of traditional clothing available for boys. Simple and easy to use, not complicated.

simple model easy to use//Minang

The following are traditional clothes for children, namely:

Javanese traditional clothes
No need to bother having to use finger and stagen. You can start choosing Javanese traditional clothes with bright colors with batik undertones. You can choose the pants model or you can also stretch it with a pleated skirt model for boys. The simple combination is added by using blangkon.
Hearing the word Betawi will certainly make you remember Brother None Jakarta. In Betawi traditional clothes, they are actually more familiar with just black. Since many colors have appeared, the children wearing Betawi clothes are now diverse. Not left behind with liskol as a head cover.
Traditional clothes are simpler and easier. Only by using white clothes combined with a skirt on the child’s head. Do not forget to use batik as a subordinate.
Traditional clothes have the same color as women’s traditional clothes. Wearing red clothes.