Asian traditional dress is as beautiful as the kebaya

Asian traditional dress is as beautiful as the kebaya

Asian traditional dress is as beautiful as the kebaya

Traditional Asian clothes are as beautiful as kebayas, making you want to try them on. Kebaya is one of the Javanese traditional clothes that display the shape of the body. Each material uses brocade with beautiful motifs. But did you know that it’s not only the kebaya that attracts the attention of many people? Asian traditional dress is as beautiful as the kebaya

It turns out that there are some traditional clothes from Asia that are also beautiful and beautiful. Not inferior to kebaya clothes. Each custom clothing represents each region and country. Not just one type of clothing, there are lots of traditional clothes that are characteristic of the region. Of course, you know that every country has different territories and regions. Cuaresmaysemanasanta

Different customs and cultures make various types of traditional clothing continue to appear. Of course, there are many tourists and tourists who do not think that the traditional clothes of each region vary a lot.

Here are some traditional clothes that you can find and understand, namely:

Ao Dai
Traditional clothing originating from Vietnam. Clothing models that use silk in combination with loose pants. The southern part of Vietnam has the Ao Dai model with a different side. At the waist, there is a slit that reaches down. Besides that, don’t forget to complement the clothing accessories, namely hats.

In China, you don’t only find one traditional dress. Did you know that in ancient times the Chinese would wear traditional Hanfu clothing? The clothing that is often used in the making of this colossal film turns out to be Han people’s clothes. Along with the changing dynasties and rulers, now traditional clothes have changed to cheongsam clothes.

there is more than one traditional dress//china


The land of Sakura is beautiful with beautiful seasons. Also has sweet traditional clothes. In Japan, you can try two types of traditional clothing. Kimono clothes look like one name but have many additions too. The Furisode kimono is a traditional dress that is often used by unmarried women. It has a long sleeve model that dangles beautifully. In summer there is also a special kimono, namely yukata. Clothing that gives coolness and keeps the whole body from overheating when summer arrives.


For those of you who are Korean fans, of course, you are familiar with traditional clothing. In Korea, girls who celebrate their birthdays must wear Hanbok. Apart from being for a child, it turns out that adults can also use hanbok. Clothing that can be used for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and the new year.

One outfit that has many layers. Traditional clothes that have the name, Chut Thai. Chut Thai is a special women’s clothing. Clothing models that require several layers, such as long dresses, are covered with a thin cloth, such as a scarf, then added with an undergarment in the form of a blouse.